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Had an amazing day out with friends and family WITHOUT phone service or music out at Highlands Natural Pool. Literally just our own company and nature... food, hiking, swimming, soccer, volleyball, cards, and conversation. Definitely the place to go to unplug, unwind and getaway from the busy city for a while.

   — just_stephmarie




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The setting is lovely and the huge pool, which was cut into the rock and is not made of cement, is full of natural, unchlorinated stream water. The water is cold and contains tadpoles and a few other delightful creatures. If this pool were closer to Manhattan, it would be swarmed with visitors. as it is, it's a delightful, refreshing escape into nature.

   — Mary E. S.




We heard about this place and went to check it out. We were pleasantly surprised and decided to join that day. There are negative reviews from people about this pool but I’m sure these people were looking for a clear chlorinated pool which this is not. It is not a dirty place as some described at all. It’s like swimming in lake water. Weekends can get crowded but if you complain about space to sit, there is always the field area away from the pool which I prefer as it quieter and lots of space. It’s a pool that you like it or you don’t. Most times it’s a peaceful place to relax and swim. We really enjoy it.

   — Betty K.


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Highlands Natural Pool

180 Snake Den Road

Ringwood, NJ 07456

p: 973-835-4299

e: highlands_pool[at]



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